Zero valued Invoices not showing on transaction statements

I am also seeing similar kind of issue on customer and supplier statements. Zero-valued invoices are not posted there. Here is my case: a supplier issues me a separate zero-valued invoice for the (promotional) items’ bonus quantities but that invoice is not being posted to the supplier’s statement. :expressionless:

Which type of statement? Unpaid or transactions? They should not show on an unpaid invoices statement, because they are fully paid by definition.

@Tut, I am referring to transactions type of statement. @lubos FYI

He means the Customer Statements (Transactions) report - it does not seem to include zero-valued invoices

@Joe91 Typically in my case, it is Supplier Statements (Transactions) where I found this problem but I guess that this problem is also on the Customer Statements (Transactions). @Tut @lubos

I just logged in after two weeks and noticed that the topic has been renamed and moved to bugs category. Thanks, @Brucanna!

Fixed in the latest version (20.6.62)