Customer statement - Transactions

When requesting Customer statement - Transactions , manager shows just the customers account in local currency other accounts in other currency are omitted. is there a way to show those accounts.


A customer can only be denominated in a single currency. Every sales invoice for that customer will be in the same currency. Can you explain how you have transactions in multiple currencies?

They don’t. When they have requested the report Customer Statement - Transactions, they only get Customers in the base currency listed (shown). Customers designated to other currencies aren’t being listed, being omitted.

@madox, do those Customers (non base currency) have transactions dated within the selected report’s period ? Statements aren’t created if there are no transactions for that period.

Yes the Customers (non base currency) have transactions dated within the selected report’s period.

What version of Manager are you using? In v18.4.15, I see customer statements for customers with multiple currencies:

My work is in custom clearance and transit so some of our customers has 2 accounts one in base currency and the other in other currency , and the reason is that some services paid in a currency other than base currency for example fees to maritime agencies so when issuing invoices some time issuing it in base currency and some times in other currency according to the fees nature of services provided to the customer.thus the 2 accounts for some customers in different currencies require to issue multiple Customer statement - Transactions one for each currency type.

My version Manager 18.3.4 , i will update my version and see the results thank you

Thank you