Mutiple currency for 1 customer

I know there we can set a currency for the client, but my client pay both in my currency and their currency.

And it is too much manual work for me to manually juggle between base and foreign currency, and the report will show up different that the book value

Im quoting in USD, receiving payment in USD (USD bank account), but the local invoice (for tax purposes) has to be in local currency,so the book value is in base currency. Trying to figure out a way for it to match

In Manager each customer has only one currency associated.
Are you billing your customer in two currencies?

If yes, then you need to set up two customers - one for each currency
If not, then a single customer will do and you will have to report the receipt in the currency of the bank account where you receive it

Genius. Thanks.

encounter a problem.
I do have 2 account for 1 client, each for 1 currency.
When I copy to sale invoice, and then make a RECEIPT, it won’t let me acquire payment in USD, only in my base currency, any way around it?

Receipts and payments can only be entered in the currency of the cash or bank account involved. See, for example,

The currency of a bank account can only be one. If you receive money in another currency your bank will make the conversion.