Currencies and transaction statements

1-Is there a way to print the transaction statement of customers and suppliers according to the method of payment that was made “not according to the predetermined currency of supplier and customers”?

11-plus how can get supplier and customers balance based on company currency?.

2-and if possible to add an option to get reports according to a selected currency?

1 — The only way to see the method of payment on the statements is to include it in the Description field of individual line items on the transaction forms themselves.

11 — Drill down on Accounts receivable or Accounts payable from the Summary. Amounts on the balance sheet are converted to the base currency according to exchange rate in effect. Amounts in Customers and Suppliers tabs remain in currencies of the customers or suppliers.

2 — This will not happen, because the books would not balance. Converting subsidiary ledger transactions like sales invoices that were actually recorded in foreign currencies to base currency creates enough problems. Being able to select a currency that has nothing to do with the transactions would be a nightmare.

actually, there is another way if goes to supplier/transaction directly, it can show payment method but it wouldn’t print unless it is opened through a web browser ( no direct print and no date period to chose ) if will be a report with period date option will be great

unfortunately, it shows only pending one who had a balance, not all supplier and customers.

I am sorry, but I have no idea what you are referring to. A supplier statement of transaction type shows when payments are made. But it does not indicate the method of payment, such a cheque, cash payments, credit card, or other form.

And I do not know what you mean about not being able to print unless something is opened through a web browser. You need to be more specific.

And that was exactly what you asked about. Your question was “…how can get supplier and customers balance based on company currency?” If they don’t have balances, there is nothing to see.