Total on Statements

I think it will be good for Manager to generate a subtotal on each statement provided. For Example on a customers statements we should have a total credit and a total debit for the choosen period.
This will facilitate analysis on each customers performance

If generating a transactions-type statement, you already have the net of debits and credits during the defined period. That is actually one further step than what you requested.

Hum but To generate this transactions type statements you will need To
change everytime starting date.
I think before manager used To provide total débit and total crédit on
statement. It will be good To Bring this back

Yes, and that has always been true. You would need to specify a date range for this type of statement regardless of whether there were extra totals below the columns.

How To do this

If you are asking how to set dates, see the Guide:

The Total of débit and crédit lines On the statements is for analysis
purposes. In terms of marketing and sales analysis.
That is why its important To Be known easier way.
Before Manager used To give a subline total. I dont why this has been

I suspect the answer to your question lies in the fact that the customer statement’s purpose is to report the position of the customer, not support sales and marketing analysis.

Tut WHAT am saying is this.
When you print a statement for a period u should Know Thé total crédit
and the total débit.
When you are getting a Account statement from the bank for a period i can
see my total deposit and drawings. I dont need To calculate in détails To
Know how much I deposited for example.
In my business Im using a quarter payement total of customers To allocate
discount for example. But with this version i have To check All customers
payement before having total. This is WHAT am saying