Customer portals & CRM modules

We are currently looking at a new accounting program for work, so I told my boss about Manager because I use it for doing the books for my sons little business, a non-profit youth organisation and our family’s fund accounts, have recommended it to a friend who now uses it for her small business. I am not an accountant, just an accounts administrator with basic knowledge.

Anyway my boss asked the following questions which are about the programs features or maybe possibilities for the future ???
1 - Can a CRM module be integrated into the program
2 - Could a customer portal be added so customers can check the status of their orders
3 - Could supplier invoices/statements or customer purchase orders/ documents be scanned and attached to their entries
4 - Can a payroll module be integrated into the program

We currently use Open ERP (community version) which has lots of features/modules, but I don’t find it that easy to use and because it wasn’t set up properly with opening balances etc and the chart of accounts didn’t really suit the NZ system we run two programs, so that we can do our tax returns.

  1. No, sorry.
  2. Supplier, customer and employee portals are coming.
  3. Not yet, but it is on the roadmap.
  4. Manager has payroll module. Can you be more specific what you mean?

4: Payroll
I’m not really sure what was meant by importing a payroll module. I guess he just wanted to know whether the relevant NZ tax deductions, leave entitlements, public holidays and calculations were in the program or could be uploaded to it or would it need to be done manually.

Unfortunately at this stage Yes - with regards to calculations but improvements are planned but no time frame.

You can create payslips but you compose their inputs, however if the payslips are constant then there is a feature called Recurring Payslips so you don’t need to re-compose each time.

Hi, are the portals ready? Is there now a way to connect our server db to manager’s warehouse?