Employee login and log hours work

Are there any plans for an employee account so they can login and log their own hours and locations worked? Quickbooks cloud has this and it’s awesome.

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There is going to be customer/supplier/employee portal. So it’s not just for employees to log their hours or submit expense claims but also for customers to be able to check invoices, statements, inventory stock level, submit purchase orders etc.

Definitely expect something along these lines sometime this year.

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This will be very cool - I have had a situation where a customer has not processed their accounts due to failing to unzip an email attachment. (This was not using Manager). This feature in Manager may resolve a problem like that and not to mention the benefit to administration if employees log their own time. Look forward to this if still considered.

When can we expect this portal update?

It would be great if we know what time & who created, edited or deleted any transaction

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Any lights on the above. Waiting to see this in live.