Customer Portal Print Pdf Bug

I have had a chance to look at the Customer Portal again now that the advice is to use the browser print to pdf as an option.

I have tested printing/saving to pdf using both Firefox, Edge as well as my pdf printer program. All works as expected in the main Manager program. In the Customer Portal however, they all print to pdf where it looks like there are two sheets of paper one on top of another if you look at the top and bottom of the page! Could this be added to the bugs category please as it’s works perfectly in the Main Manager program for the exact same quote.

I have disabled themes to see if this was the problem. No difference whatsoever.

Also dealing with the Customer Portal and the main program. The order of quote numbers differs between portal and main program for quotes on the same day. I prefer the way the main program does it in ascending order upwards whereas the portal does it in ascending order downwards - which makes it much harder to read. Could that be fixed to a: make it consistent with Main program and b: make it easier to scroll down to find quotes.

I can confirm this

Fixed in the latest version (23.4.26)