Pdf creation using api bug

I am planning to use the api to allow my customers to not only view quotes and invoices, but to create a pdf to download as well. According to this topic - Generate PDF using API - #16 by jim1 it is possible to do this.

However, Jim1 has reported that since updating to 20.2.83 this feature no longer works. I have asked whether it works now, but have not had a response yet. Can somebody who uses the API for this purpose checks that this works and failing that, log this as a bug. Next month we are going to be linking up our CRM system with Manager and it would be very helpful to know in advance whether this feature is broken or not as it’s easier to test this on a known working system than a brand new API integration setup.

Could somebody who has a working api setup, please check this and log this as a Manager bug if it does not work. Thank you.

Hi, I’m currently using ver 20.6.39 and the pdf functionality is broken in this version as well!

If you add .json, you end up with the json version, but the pdf is not generated when you add .pdf to the /sales-invoice-view url.

Just an FYI, I just upgraded to Ver 20.7.70 and it does not work in this version either…

@MarkLL Thank you for checking and confirming. Good to know. I suspected that this was the case.

@Tut and @lubos could you mark this as a bug. Thank you.

@Tut or @Brucanna or @lubos - Can one of you put this into the bugs category please as I can’t add it to the bugs category. Thank you.

I don’t know if this is a bug. It is related to an unannounced, undocumented feature that may have changed. Repeated statements from the developer tell us the API is under development.

Yes, but until the developer is made aware of the problem (as I presume that he does not read every single topic on the forum), how are we supposed to know whether it’s a bug that needs fixing or the API has changed. That’s why I want it in the bug category because the only person who can resolve this issue is the developer. In addition, while the API is experimental still, I doubt that he intended to disable pdf creation via the api, so this would classify as a bug until he says otherwise.

This is now fixed in the latest version (20.8.24)

Thanks @lubos. I have confirmed that a pdf is now created when “.pdf” is added to the URL for invoices in v20.8.24.

Thank you @lubos I look forward to trying this out when we start work on the API Platform which should be towards the end of this month. Much appreciated.

This used to work, however after updating to the latest version 21.10.3 (windows system) I can no longer download PDF’s through the api by adding .pdf

example …/sales-invoice-view.pdf?Key=ccd…

Did something change?

I think the support for built-in PDF is being pulled slowly but surely. That must be the reason why if I am not mistaken.

Thanks for the response, is there an alternative for the desktop version when sending emails with attached invoices through the api?

From the Manager download page

I think the support for desktop version and internet isolated version of Manager server is being pulled slowly but surely.


That wouldn’t make it fully featured anymore though

I believe that the free desktop version, which runs in it’s own wrapper should be replaced with a browser based locally hosted version of Manager. See post here - Should Manager Desktop run in browser instead of standalone application

I would not say that the free desktop version and internet isolated version of Manager server is being slowly pulled. I have seen no evidence that the desktop version is being limited in any way. The issue around the pdf creation, I actually agree with the developer on. A number of bugs with the Manager pdf addon has never been resolved and is problematic across different operating systems. It makes far more sense to outsource this to external third party programs dedicated to pdf creation, than to waste precious development hours supporting something that will require constant maintenance with operating system upgrades and changes over time. It is not sustainable.

The unfortunate side effect is that it prevents server versions of Manager being isolated from the Internet, which is not actually a very common user scenario. Manager delivers a lot for many users. However it cannot and should not support all possible user scenarios. No other program that I am aware of is anywhere near as flexible.