Customer opening/starting balances wiped

I started using Manager about 12 months ago and at the time I set customer opening balances in the customer screen. I can’t exactly pinpoint when, although I suspect it was when I updated to 15.6.17, but these balances have been wiped and the amounts owed by our customers are now skewed.

Is there an easy way that I can roll back to a previous version, preferably 15.5.57, to try to pinpoint when this occurred?

I manage the accounts for a community sporting club and unfortunately was only handed over outstanding amounts, not details which would allow me to create sales invoices.

How did you set starting balances in the older version? You said you didn’t create invoices. Did you enter negative amounts into Available Credit field under customers?

If so, that’s not the way to do it. In the past, it was possible but Manager doesn’t allow for that anymore as it will mess up reports on cash-basis (e.g. how would Manager know what income accounts to credit when customer finally pay their invoice)

If you don’t know individual invoices, you can always pretend that you know them but entering one (starting balance) invoice per customer. It’s not ideal but it should work fine in most cases.