Customer not receiving invoice/ email

Hi Guys i need a bit of help,
ive been using manager for around 12 months with no isssue.

ive sent invoices via email directly from manager without issues… but now the same clients are not receiving the email/invoices…
i have done a few tests to a couple of friends yahoo/hotmail accounts and it works fine,

i have sent to a friends bussiness email (outlook) for legitimate invoices and he is not receiving them, i have set the manager and my gmail mail adress to a safe sender on his computer and still he does not receive them… we have been playing with it for a couple of days… and now im finding out about 3 other clients are not receiving my invoices either.

i sent another to an “iinet” email adress and they did not receive either.

my email adress is a gmail account not sure if thats the issue… but as i say it worked to begin with… now all of a sudden, it has just stopped !.

when i send an invoice , a copy goes to my email adress but thats as far as its going… i can then forward it from there… but i would prefer not to…

any help would be appreciated!

Search the forum for discussion of gmail email problem. There have been quite a few reports having to do with authentication. Some solutions were offered, if I remember correctly.

if you are able to successfully forward the mail from your mail client, then you should check with your gmail settings as to how the mails are being forwarded from third party applications.