Customer Not Display

When I create a Sales invoice from the customer menu, it does not display the Customer name and I repeatedly must choose from the customer list. Please make it.
2023-03-18 (2)_LI

I’m facing the same problem

Where is that “customer menu” ? Can you describe the steps ?

From the same customer’s invoices, when selecting a new invoice, the customer’s name used to appear directly in the invoice while it was being edited…while now I have to choose the customer’s name from the list of customers.

Where is that, can you post a screenshot?

The above screenshot
2023-03-18 (2)_LI

What is the steps to do that? I cannot find them. I only get to that:



You didn’t aswered about the steps you are taking:

I want you to descibe the route of things you’ve clicked and end up on that route customers > sales invoices.

  • What should I click to end up there ?
  • What version of the program are you running?
  • Cloud, server or desktop edition?

I repeat when I press invoices tab, theres nowhere that path of customers > invoices.

Customers tab dosn’t have the ability of “New Invoice”.

Sales Invoices Tab, isn’t under a specific customer.

I cannot find that path, so i cannot input on that.

Customers >Choose a customer >

From the (Sales Invoices) column, choose the customer’s invoice number

Cloud Edition

Yes, I haven’t showed the column for that :sweat_smile: .

So it’s probably a bug. I can confirm that it doesn’t occour to previous versions (I tried 22.7.1).

Also, probably an improvement should be to also have the customers name on the path like that:

Customers > Customer Name > Sales Invoices

Previously it was available before the latest update

I noticed it since the new feature “Edit Columns” came about with the Desktop versions. It was a nice feature for that specific use in the method that Bronze mentions to get it to appear. I thought I was the only one so glad it was brought up. :slight_smile:

Please make my request.

@Saman_Nishantha, your issue is already in bugs which means that it has top priority.

Whether it’s solved in minutes or days depends on the specific details of the solution applied but either way it’s going to be solved asap.

Fixed in the latest version (

You rock! Confirmed working! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response & support