Customer List - New File - No Data

V 21.10.23
I’m trying to create a customer list showing name/code/Bus. ID/Billing Address/Email/Phone

This is a new file, with no customer data entered other than customers.

Is there any way to create a report showing, all, if not some of the above?

I have tried custom reports, but I am under the understanding that no data = blank reports.

I have spent several hours scouring forums and guides, but I can not find any reference to “Customer List” and can only find a 2018 post using JSON files.

Is anyone able to help?
Any help appreciated.

Show the outcome because it is possible.

BTW, the version of Manager you are using is thousands of updates behind.

EDIT: as @Tut correctly indicates, without data as an invoice, etc. it’s indeed not possible.

You will not be successful with a custom report. Custom reports draw on transactions posted to the general ledger. You have not entered any.

The easiest way to get what you want is to start a Batch Update while viewing the Customers tab listing. After copying to the clipboard and pasting into a spreadsheet, delete the columns you do not want and rearrange data (in the spreadsheet) to get the report you want.

@Mark Interesting on the versions, every time I’m prompted I update. Will have to do an uninstall and re-install to rectify.

@Tut Thanks - I’ll try that tomorrow

I’m puzzled 'cos AFAIK there are no update prompts.

There are no update prompts.

Manager does not give prompts so not sure what you update but it will not be Manager. Maybe your Operating System.

@tut and @eko Well then I must be dreaming, because I am prompted! Seems like every 6 months or so.

Indeed. Note that a Manager prompt every six months would mean you may be literally several hundreds of versions behind. In essence sometimes Manager would even release several versions on a single day which would make any kind of prompting useless.

Whatever prompts you are getting do not come from Manager or NGSoftware. Is it possible you are referring to the monthly newsletter, which sometimes includes mentions in articles that a new feature will be available upon updating? That is different from a prompt.

Nope, this is only the second time I have visited this forum in over 3 years. I don’t red any newsletters, as I’m not fussed. The software mostly serves the purpose needed without worrying about any new features. Most of the companies that utilise this software, are companies that never look at the books and I’m the only one that does anything, once a month or so.

As mentioned there are no prompts, more importantly would be for you to at least monthly visit Download | Manager and download and install the new version. If you are on a Mac you are advised in the applications folder to move to bin the old Manager version so that you only have the most recent version installed. For Windows there is no need to uninstall the old version just overwrite it with the new one.