Create customer list

I’d like to create a customer list with names, invoice address, e-mail and telephone (a custom field). But when I create a custom report (settings see attached), I get a report with many blank lines first, and then many lines per customer but many times repeated. Obviously I want unique lines per customer.

Alternatively, an Excel export would also work but I don’t see how.

Can someone help me out?

Many thanks, Jan

  1. Make sure that any custom fields that you want to include are set to Show custom field as a column:

  2. Go to the Customers tab. Scroll down to the bottom and select the option to show all the records:

  3. From the bottom of the customer listing, click Copy to clipboard.

  4. Paste the data in your application of choice and delete any columns that you don’t need.

Only customers who have had a transaction will appear in a custom report - custom reports use the transaction data

Exporting the customer information using batch update might be a better option

Thanks Joe and Graham,
Copy from the customer list to excel is then the best option. But how can I have the invoice address show in the customer list view? It only shows Name, E-mail address and some custom fields I created.

The Batch Update file you copy will show the entire record.