Customer Custom Fields

Hello there.
For Windows Desktop Edition,
-There is no phone entry field in the customer registration section.
-The currency field is not required. Already setting the base unit. This field can be optional.
-Custom areas can only be added to the bottom. However, it should be possible to reorder from top to bottom with fixed fields. Or special fields should be added between fixed fields.
These are my ideas for convenience.

I think this should be the sort.
Name and surname
Tax ID (Custom Field)
Cell phone (Custom Field)


not all customer’s transactions are in the base currency. it is a mandatory field.

what is the purpose of reordering the fields? there is no option to view the customer details anyway. also, it is already possible to arrange custom fields in any order convenient to the user.

please explain why you think you need a date field for customers.

most customers are B2B. and a business name would not contain a surname.

the tax id is more important than the address because a business can operate from multiple locations with the same tax id. the business is identified by their tax id and not by their address.

the Email field appears by default because Manager is able to send emails from within the program. and for the same an email address is mandatory. since you cannot make calls from within Manager, the telephone is optional.

  • Special fields should not only be at the bottom. The sample is at the bottom when the phone field is added. He must be upstairs.
  • User fixed fields and special fields should be able to be sorted from top to bottom.
  • An addition must be made to view customer information. The print template should be able to create and print. Special fields must be included.

Customers need to set the registration date for the first time.

How do I make these adjustments?

You could do this using custom fields to store the extra data and custom themes to re-position the fields on the forms.

However, you are responsable for creating, amending and debugging custom themes which will require some familiarity with programming using Liquid, then language used by custom themes

More info here