Customer information and custom field

Custom fields

I am in evaulation phase - Evaluating customer’s information and custom fields for customers

a) We have all the fields aligned left. Why we are not utilising the right space for fields appearing next. Why not you allow using a grid type form? It will reduce the length of entry form and some what make data entry pleasant.

b) I am surprised to see that google map integration is not there for address, delivery address OR i failed to find it? Please clarify.

c) Custom field: It is simply a order number in which fields will appear, so why not to simplify and mention “Field order”. Position is more relevant to columns. I tried adding contact’s first name and last name. It added but first name up and last name down. Why not last name appear next to first name on same row? Again, waste of all right space.

I hope you dont take my comments personal.

Two comments:

a) Screen space is free. Tab through the fields and their physical arrangement does not matter. Logical sequences, however, do. When you put things into a grid, users do not know which direction to go next.

b) Manager is designed to operate without internet connection (in the desktop edition). So integration with outside web sites for basic functions does not work. And Manager is used in countries where Google is banned.

c) Manager is currently translated into 65 languages. There is little purpose to being concerned with word selection for labels in one of them.