Adding Custom Fields in Customers

Could you please add it to your ToDo list if possible to create custom fields in Customer Details.

I would like to add about 3 more fields like Insurance No, Tax No, VAT no,. and also with option to add it as column in main Customers window.

You can already do this. Go to Settings >> Custom Fields. Under Customer, click New Custom Field. If you cannot see these options, update your software.

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Be careful, though, @cometomama. If you add more custom fields to the Customers table and set them to appear as columns, it is pretty likely that the added (unadjustable) width from the columns will push the money columns off the right side of the screen and you’ll have to scroll over every time to see customers’ account balances.

This is not something that can be fixed, apparently.

See this thread: Hiding default columns from Customers screen

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