Customer Credit Allocation Statement

Is there a way the statement can be used to show the balance amount instead of Total @ Customer Credit Allocation Statement? Presently it shows the following, for example…

Opening balance = -650,000
Less Allocation Invoice 2 = 320,000

Total = -970,000 (which is wrong, I feel)

Which tab are you working in? Are you referring to an account register listing or an actual report under the Reports tab?

Remember, customer credits are liabilities. They should be entered as positive amounts. Therefore, an opening balance of -650,000 implies that customers owe you -650,000. In turns, that suggests that somewhere, you are not using the account correctly.

Summary - Customer Credits - Automatic Credit Allocation - View

Here, the customer paid an advance of 650000 last financial year, which became the opening balance as -650000 (by the way, I started using Manager only this year). I have entered this amount as +ve at the opening balance. This year I raised a part invoice for 320,000. In the summary view, everything is okay, but when I take the Automatic Credit Allocation Report View (results in a report called “Credit Allocation Statement” for that customer, this is what I get.

Opening Balance = (650,000)
Less Allocations = 320,000
Total = (970,600)

Shouldn’t it be,
Opening Balance = (650,000)
Less Allocations = 320,000
Balance = (330,000)

Your explanation makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, you must be using some tab or workflow that I do not, because I cannot find the Credit Allocation Statement report. When I drill down into Customer credits in the Summary, I just see the account ledger listing. I do not have the option for Automatic Credit Allocation Report View. This, of course, reflects the design philosophy of Manager to show only what is necessary based on the information recorded.

Option for Automatic Credit Allocation Report View comes only when you create the invoice for the same customer who has a credit already (I guess). In my case, there was a customer credit balance for the same customer against whom I raised the invoice. During the generation of the invoice, I just called the customer details from the drop down list and created it. This automatically allocated, I think.
Though this is not a serious drawback, I thought of bring it to notice. Just some minor adjustments on the program would fix it, I guess…
Thanks for your prompt support,
Wonderful software and I am relieved with many tensions I had until few months back. Thanks to Manager!

This is what I was referring to…

Thanks for the example. Now that you explained how you got there, I was able to enter some test transactions and get to the Credit Allocation Statement.

@lubos, I can duplicate the same problem. For my test case, I entered two transactions for yesterday, receiving $5 and $3 into a bank account and allocating the payments to the same customer. The Summary then showed $8 for the Customer credits account. I then entered a $6 sales invoice for today, issued to the same customer. The resulting Credit Allocation Statement shows a -$14 Total, even though the Summary shows $2 in the Customer credits account. A customer statement for that customer shows a $2 credit. Looks like a simple sign error in the code.

Hope the issue has been noticed and understood. Can we have this corrected in the upcoming versions?

I have found the same issue. You were just ahead of me.

I will look into this tomorrow.

Thank you @lubos

The report should be now fixed. I think there is still a lot of space for improvements but at least for now the figures shouldn’t be wrong.

Thank you very much once again. It is perfect now on the figures…