Customer's Codes not on printed documents

By default, the customer’s code was always shown on printed documents next to customer’s name. Has this changed?

Unfortunately yes.

It’s still possible to show customer code using custom theme by adding variable {{ recipient.code }} somewhere.

By the way, why is it useful to show customer code on invoice? Surely customer doesn’t care, correct?

Thank you for the feedback.

I actually request the customers to use
their Customer number as payment reference.

This makes the payments much easier
to allocate when using Bank Rules as the
references are the same each time.

Otherwise the clients pay in per invoice
number as reference, which make the
process a bit tedious to process.

Could you maybe add an option to show
Customer codes in printed documents?

Thank you for an awesome program.


The Guide covering showing of customer codes on printed documents was just updated to include an example of how to do this. It may take up to 24 hours to update on the website. It will be available at

now that the customer code is no longer showing on any of the documents, is making recon on my side a nightmare. as per rhey’s comment above, clients uses the customer code when paying invoices or when submitting any queries. now that the code is no longer present, I cant ask them to use client code. importing bankstatements were easy, by creating the rules based on the client code. now it no longer works.
yes, a solution were given above, but not everyone is a “code expert” and also each report/document “computer code” on each document must now be changed.

i now tried to change the computer code in the edit field, and as said above, we are not all code experts. it did not change anything.
i then did a backup of my file, hoping that it will reverse the update, but still no client code.
can you please guide me on how to go back to the version where the client code were still present in all the documents.
this can be a game changer for me, please…

You cannot go backwards to an older version once your data file has been opened with a newer version.

is that it? nothing else that i can do?

very useful answer, must say!

The instructions in the guide Tut linked to are pretty clear - what part of it did you experience difficulty with?

yes, if you know how to change codes for a computer program. i have seen to many times that people are being treated like dumb idiots when they are not able to change / read / understand codes. it is not nice.


so this is what it looks like before i tried to change the code

Your code in your last screen shot is correct. Did you create or update the theme after inserting it? And did you then select that custom theme for your transaction?

Look good - here is my customisation and result

Update to Sales Invoice
Customer with code
Sales Invoice with the customer code

I have just illustrated what Tut explained in his post :slight_smile:

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