Customer-Aged Receivables Report without inactive customers

I would like to know if there is a possible way to get an Aged Receivables report but without the customers I have marked as ¨inactive¨. I know it is a way to remind me that a customer owes me, but sometimes I just need the most active customers.

You cannot do that. If you did, the aged receivables report would not match the balance of accounts receivable.

If you want to look at the customers that Owe you the most money, just drill down in the customers tab or from the summary on accounts receivable and sort the column so that the customers who owe the most appear on top.

I don’t need the customers that owes me the most. The main reason I’m asking this, is because I have many customers that are not active anymore (more than two years inactive). But still, they owe me.
I just need the ones that are currently buying and that way, the report will be less extensive.

If you think you will not recover the amounts owed, you should write them off and they will no longer appear in the Aged Receivables Report.

If by chance one of them pays you in the future then you can handle that by writing back the write off

To write off bad debts, see Write off bad debts | Manager.

Alright, thanks @Joe91 and @Tut for helping me out.