Custom sales report on transaction amount and tax

Hi, am using a cloud version and I have been trying to customized a sales report. I don’t know why the report is separating tax from the transaction amount per line. Can the transaction amount and the tax be on the same line for the same customer since it is the same invoice?

Please help

Can you please repost screen shots captured with a software tool instead of photographs? It is virtually impossible to decipher what you have shown.

Entries are separate lines because they were posted to different accounts. Custom reports list postings to accounts, not totals from invoices.

Dear Tut,
thanks for replying.
i want my custom sales report to be able to capture both my tax and the actual amount on a single line for the same invoice and customer (not different rows), since i have “tax amount” defined on a separate column already. i have also attached i want the face of my report to look like (the last picture showing the transaction amount and tax amount for the same invoice and customer on the same line)


@Tut already answered your question. custom report shows the transaction posted to accounts. in your invoice two accounts are involved, control account for your inventory and control account for your tax code. so the report will show them separately.