Custom Reports

I am generating a custom VAT report for the tax authorities, but when I include a column to show Net Sales along with Tax on Sales, and the Net Purchases along with Tax on Purchases, then when I choose the option “SalesAmount” and the “PurchaseAmount”, the columns show the tax amount value instead of showing the Net Sales or Net Purchases ones.

To clarify I am attaching 3 pictures

  1. The first one is the custom report setting, where you can see the column PurchaseTaxAmount and PurchaseAmount, and SalesAmount and SalesTaxAmount
  2. You can see that in the purchase case, both columns show the same value. I have written the number that the PurchaseAmount should show in the picture.
    3.You can see that in the Sales case, both columns show the same value. I have written the number that the SalesAmount should show in the picture.
  3. the tax summary reports show the totals correctly, and this is what I need in this custom report, but with all the details required by the tax authorities

I will appreciate if you can help me with this issue. Thank you

As required by the rues of the forum, when you inquire about custom reports, you must post the Edit screen for the report and the result. Otherwise you are asking others to guess the solution to your issue.

Thanks for your advice. I have attached the images.

Have a good day

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My apologies
Thank you

The SalesAmount and PurchaseAmounts are the total values of an invoice.

Now when you filter your purchases by Account set to VAT Payable, you should only get the portion of the total invoice value that goes to VAT Payable account. This is as expected.

Anyways, you look like you are trying to replicate an existing builtin report, which is the Tax Transactions report. Have you tried it?

Thanks a lot for your advice.

I just need to prepare an excel sheet for the tax authorities, as the one shown in the attached image. I’m trying to generate in manager a report like the excel image, and therefore to avoid doing a lot of “Copy to Clicpboard” operations. If you think that a custom report with the same columns of the excel is possible I will very grateful for the help.

Again thanks a lot for taking the time to look at what I need