Account Amount inclusive Tax in Reports

I´ve tried to create a custom report which should show the total amount of an account (including tax) and the amount without tax. But something doesn´t work as you can see on this picture.

The report never shows the total amount including tax. Is that even possible in Manager?

Thanks for your help!

You need to post a screen shot of the definition screen for your custom report. No one can tell anything by looking at the result of a report you say is failing. You should also post the Edit screen of a representative transaction you believe is not showing up correctly.

Hello Tut,
thanks for the hint :innocent:

So here is one transaction. There is nothing wrong with it. It contains the gross price (total) as well as the net price and the tax amount:

The sticking point is in custom report where I want to show the gross price as well as either the tax amount or the net price. I hoped “account amount” would be the right field for the gross price, but this seems to be the net price. And tax amount isn´t shown anyway:

Hope this makes it a bit clearer.

Your basic problem is that you cannot get the information you want directly in a custom report, all on one line for a payment. Custom reports are based on general ledger transactions, so you get amounts posted to individual accounts. The numbers you see on the entry screen are, in some cases, calculated from other inputs.

What you call the gross price is not AccountAmount. AccountAmount is the positive or negative amount posted to a specific account in the chart of accounts. On a taxable line item, that is never the gross price. Tax Amount will be the amount posted to a tax liability account.

I wonder why you do not use the Tax Transactions report.

Ah, okay, I see. This doesn´t work as I hoped.

And I took a look an the tax transaction report - which is really quite something in the way I´m looking for. Only one thing doesn´t fit: This report only shows the kind of transaction but no description of the account or what was sold/bought. This would be very nice.

Sorry, if I bother you that much :worried:

I am curious what use you have for gross prices in such a report. Gross prices are not your income. If you describe what you want to use the information for, there may be another way to get it.

To experiment I created a test business with a single receipt from a customer and single payment to a supplier. Both have two line item, the payment has a negative line item

Receipt from a customer

Payment to a supplier

Creating a custom report with all the amounts I could find

  • I suspect differences between AccountAmount, BaseAmount, TransactionAmount become apparent when multiple currencies are used.
  • General ledges entries at the bank show tax inclusive amounts but not separation of line items
  • There is “TaxExclusive” options but no “TaxInclusive” options I could find

For reference the custom report definition was

Hello Tut,

I´m using a german tax control software that requires the sales and purchases entered as gross price because it calculates the tax amount and net price itself. That´s the reason why i tried to find out to show the gross price in Manager. Another workaround could be to export a table with net price and tax rate to a spreadsheet and to calculate the gross price there.

I also thought about import Managers database (guess it´s SQLlite?) into an ETL software to transform the things I need.

Hello Patch,

thanks for your efforts. Yes, something like TaxInclusive as report column would solve my problem the easiest way.

The report you want can be easily created with a report transformation see

The user interface has been updated since the above thread was created but the cited functions are the same.
Unfortunately the current user interface makes it difficult to write program flow control

I believe that is what you will have to do. It is unrealistic to expect Manager to match the needs of some other software.

I didn’t expect that. Truly spoken, I have used Manager before the other software. I just wondered/hoped if it is possible to save me some time.

I really like Manager a lot. Tried some other accounting software, but this is far the easiest and most flexible one.

@Patch Thanks a lot for this advice. Didn’t tried it yet, but I think this should work. Hopefully. :innocent:

This is a Custom Report definition that I came up with that might be helpful, but probably not exactly what you want.

This is a sample of the output