Custom reports

In the softwaer there is custom report and standered reports… my question is can we see
the origin of standered report and what is equal it in custom report to know if whether can midefied it and get what want from custom report easy …
And that could makes deal with custom report easy
Is the devloper depend a special code to preduce standered reports or he depend costom report also

I am sure @Lubos would just write query rather than going through the custom report interface. The interface exists for the majority of users that have no programming skills and in essence creates a query that displays the results.

Your best bet is to search the forum and see how others use custom reports and try yourself. In essence it gives users the flexibility to generate reports they need beyond the standard ones.

So far none of our businesses had any use for custom reports because the standard reports are all those we need for taxation and financial decision purposes. In some cases we use a separate POS system for sales and inventory and use the daily reports that these generate for day-to-day decision-making on what to stock, what to sell, at what price, etc. Manager is quite immature as a POS but very good for business and tax accounting.