Custom reports

Please advise how to use custom reports and under what circumstance is this necessary

Please search the forum before starting new topics. This has been answered many times. There is no documentation for the custom reports feature, which is a work in progress. You might want a custom report if you can’t find an existing report that satisfies your needs. But for the most part, you would be trying things on a trial and error basis.

Why is it so complicated to be able to produce custom reports?

Is it because of the architecture of the database?

I used to be a GNUcash user and there was a vast array of reports and ways to customize them…

They were almost discontinued. The developer is working on new APIs that they will permit almost any customisation. After those, from what he wrote, he will bring also new possibilities for custom reports without being a programmer.

The new APIs are ready and they will be published in a couple of weeks (again, from what @lubos told).