Custom reporting tools for simple and complex reporting

Dear sir,
Kindly introduce complex and simple useful reporting tools for customized.
Pivot the data.
Do introduce
Muhammad irfan

If you want your suggestion to be considered, you need to furnish much more information. What kind of reporting? What data? What do you want to accomplish with the reports? Be specific. Provide examples, if possible.

As said, the only way to have a full reporting is to have access to the datab(for examble via ODBC) in order to use one of the many BI tools that are there on the market (ie qlikview, power BI, jedox). I don’t think that @lubos can face the needs of every single sector and it’s not even the scope of Manager.

Kindly furnish sales report with its detail as we draw custom fields to extract data from software.
Sales with salesline item
Quotations with quotationline item
Salesorder with salesorderline item
Purchaseorder with purchaseorderline item
Purchaseinvoce with purchaseline item
Delivery order with delivery line item
Means for every transaction posted into have data extraction processes also.
You can not provide custom tools for own design report but we can utilize data by using other reporting source for own customized using excel, crystal report and pivotozed.

A sales invoice total by custom field report was just added: [17.10.42] Added three new sales reports

I agree with Davide, once we have full access to the data at every level via ODBC, extracts can be made into any form and then presented to simple tools such as Excel or more complex BI tools.

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@theeley except that’s too technical for 99% of users. I think simpler way to summarize data is needed anyway. As @Tut has mentioned, it is now possible to summarize sales invoice totals by item, customer or custom field. There is no reason why this couldn’t be applied to other types of documents. These are easy reports to create (not as technical as ODBC) and will cater for most use-cases.

YES… Please make it simple. :sweat_smile: , we’re not IT savvy in terms of jargon and command linesssssss


Simpleton user.

I hereby request to furnish simple reporting using custom filter option for all vouchers to extract data

Hi Lubos
I would really appreciate if you are able to make the database available to ODBC, I am very familiar with ODBC access for reporting having used SQL, Excel, Access, QlikView, QlikSense, Crystal reports to name a few and ODBC would make life so much more simple for me to extract the data and create my own reports.
This would also take the pressure off you to be continually responding to requests for specific reports.
There seems to be various requests for ODBC access and would add my voice to this, is it far away yet?



Hi Lubos,

is there any update on ODBC?
Failing that, would you please provide a list of the tables available via the Custom report query tool. That way I can at least get a dump of the data per table and work with this.


I think the update, from last October, before you asked the question the first time, is that this is not going to happen.

Thanks Tut, is it possible to get a list of the tables for extracting the data via the Query tool?

Not from me. I have no access. Actually, I don’t even know what you are referring to. I’m a user like you. Being a forum moderator doesn’t give me any special insight on the software.