Custom reports - 'where' filter on Account|Code

I am trying to create a custom report on the ledger transactions and filter results on ‘Account|Code’. The query returns no data no matter which of the available conditions are selected.

As a side issue, it is not clear when multiple conditions are added, whether these are ‘OR’ or ‘AND’ clauses. Is it possible to make these explicit in a future version?

Or am I missing something?


mac desktop version 20.2.27

Custom reports is a feature still under development. so it is an expected behavior that few things work and few do not.

I am aware that they are still in development. My point was that if the Account|Code filter is broken then it should be marked as bug. If it is not broken then what am I doing wrong?

a bug is when the program produces an unintended result. for a feature under development there is no intended behavior yet to classify it as a bug.

nothing. Custom reports in its present stage of development can be used only in a trial and error method.
users have provided few examples for various custom reports on the forum. you can search and find something which would be of help to you.

While @sharpdrivetek’s comments about custom reports being a work in progress are true, and improvements have been promised, the available features should perform as documented in this Guide: Create custom reports | Manager.

When experimenting with this, I can use Account|Code with expected results for everything except Where… filtering. So I am moving this into the bugs category. Possibly, this is the result of variables having been exposed for custom reports at different times, with later additions having been overlooked. I really do not know about that. But the same problem could exist with other variables. I have not checked those.

Fixed in the latest version (20.2.62)

Online version cloud is not showing account code option. Only dispays account name. Please help