Custom Reports Problem

I recently downloaded the latest version of Manager Desktop from the webiste and happy to see Custom Reports are now implemented.

However, no matter what I select in the “From…” dropdown, the only selections I see in the “Select…” or “Where…” dropdowns are Code, Currency | Code, Currency | Name, Custom Fields | Account#, Custom Fields | Institution, Inactive, and Name.

This is on OSX 10.13.6. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find where the Manager version is available but tit’s the one on the website as of today (Jan 24,2019). I believe there used to be an About page but it seems to have disappeared.

I also noted in the release thread for custom reports that someone was asking for Tracking codes to be added to the available fields. Since I can’t get a full field list right now, I can’t tell if it’s there or not, but Tracking codes are the main reason I need custom reports.

Most useful custom reports are created by selecting General Ledger Transactions.

Version number is in gray at the bottom of the window.

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Thanks, G/L gives me what I need.