Custom Report - Where ... Account Code

I have a problem with Custom Reports and Account Codes.

I created a Custom Report to list all general ledger transactions for a particular range of accounts, all these accounts have 7 digit account codes beginning with 901. When I choose the option “Where… Account | Code contains 901”, the report is blank. If I change it to Account | Code contains 9011100, an actual account code, it is also blank. If I change it to Account | Name contains “a relevant string” I get a report, but not the report I want.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it a problem with Manager?


Custom Reports are still a work in progress. the same reason why we do not have a guide for the same yet.
meanwhile you can experiment with it as the feature has proven helpful for most users even in the present stage.

Many thanks for your reply.

For now I will either copy and paste from the GL transactions or I might rename those accounts with a unique reference so that the Account | Name picks them up instead.

In the Summary page have you tried clicking the blue figure against an account? this will give you the list of transactions for that account. you can directly print the list depending on your OS or you can export it.

I understand, but in my case I have about 40 accounts which I’ve grouped together and which I want to see a summary for.

I’ve added a “901” to those account names and the report is working perfectly.