Custom report rule

Hello, and thanks for your great work on the software. I am a new user and I am trying to make a custom from general ledger transaction, showing only account code starting with 5 (ex 5200)
When I tick the Where…checkbox and filter with Account - Code, contains - 5, the report comes back empty.
Any clues ?

That doesn’t yet work as it should. Custom reports feature is still under development, with more variables being exposed and incorporated as time goes on. Unfortunately, just because something appears in the list doesn’t mean it can be used.

Whenever this variable is fully included, however, be aware that one of two things might happen:

  • The report will return any account code with a 5 in it: 5100, 5200, 1205, 3500, etc.
  • It might return only exact matches; that is, 5100 only or 5200 only, but not 5XXX.

Ok thanks, since I do not have many accounts, I managed to make the report by filtering out accounts (account - is not)
Works for now

hi @lubos we need the updates to the custom report… hopefully within the next few days…

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I managed to solve this (as of now) for small reports by using only Account Name

Still Account Code would be much nicer to have and not only “Contains” but also “From” and “To”