Custom reports - legacy pdf - no page number at the footer of each page

so far, other reports, except custom report, has page number at the footer when the report is exported to pdf using the legacy pdf generator.
it would be nice to have it in custom reports too.
thanks a bunch in advance. :slight_smile:

note: version

No problem here printing page #s with both Print and PDF button. Did you select the option Print backgrounds?

Because the internal PDF generator is a legacy (obsolete) feature, there is no support for it. So no change should be expected.

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

Where is the Print Backgrounds option located for Custom Reports?

I tried to look for it in the Custom Report (edit), there is no Print BG option.

aa… i see… it’s a nice to have feature. since it repeats the header dan the footer and it renders page number out of the total number of pages, which is very useful in keeping things together.

Hope there will be support again. Thank you so much.

Click the Print button and then scroll down to enable Print backgrounds under Options.

Thank you the direction. But I still could not find it.
Once I press print - printer dialog pops up. and there’s no Print Background Options.

Click on “more settings” then enable “Background and graphics” see screenshot below:

Note that this is not a Manager issue but a browser one.

Well, nobody can see what you see unless you post some screenshots.

thank you… this will do… thank you so much.

custom reports reports made here, wont show page number when legacy pdf is used.
Page number
default reports, will show this when legacy pdf is used.

both won’t show, when “print” is used.

You have already made those points. Let me answer you another way. Custom reports are not formatted by the program. And there will be no changes to performance of the legacy PDF generator for any type of report. So the behavior you are commenting about will not be considered a bug. Nor will it change.

Thank you so much for putting it very clearly :slight_smile: