Custom reports: Delivery notes

We have started using Manager and are very thankful of the developer team.

Could any of you help me with a table name that holds delivery notes data, I am looking for delivery note equivalent of below tables currently available for invoices.

Select * from SalesInvoices
Select* from Salesinvoicelines

I want name of similar tables that holds Delivery note data hence I can create a report that could give me details of goods delivered to a specific customer for a date range.

It is a bit challenging currently as there are no reports standard/custom to give us more details or summarize Delivery notes data.

Unfortunately this is not yet possible. I want to work on having full coverage for SQL queries right after releasing “Warehousing” and “Job costing” modules. Hopefully both modules will be out before end of this year. Then custom SQL queries are going to get a lot of attention from me.