Custom report

i want to create exactly this same report as shown in attachment

Then export the list. Read the Guide: There is no point to creating a custom report when the data you want is already available in the exact format you want.

The main reason is to have it preformatted and automatically updated.

But there is no any option of exporting so how can i… and okease show me in which preformated report i will find this report

I have seen the export guide but what if i have to directly print from the manager the same report

Can you explain better what kind of report you want? Is it a cash flow?

Custom reports are not automatically updated. Their content is fixed unless you add new transactions that fit the definition, such as entering a transaction that falls within a date window already specified.

Yes there is. The button is in the bottom right corner of both screens you showed.

There is none. What you showed are two tab listings. There are no reports for those, so if you want that exact content (as you said you did) you must export.

As you said… As a standard report… you change a date and you gave the report ready to print. Not the same with your solution

the same what i have shown in attachment receipts and payment with remaining balance

so help me with this not the same one but i want the report which shows receipts and payments at a same report please help

@Hameed.Hassan.Ali, you need to read the answers to your questions. I have already told you there is no such report.

First, a report of receipts and payments with balances makes no sense, because receipts and payments could be posted to different bank or cash accounts, so they do not all affect the same balance. No balance exists that includes all receipts and payments.

Second, if you want to see additions and subtractions with running balance in a cash or bank account, your only choice is to export the drill-down report for that account. (That is the first screen shot you showed.)