Custom Report sub-heading for date range selected

When a date range is selected in a Custom Report definition, is it possible to automatically include the date range as a sub-heading in the report?


Report definition

Report output would be similar to this

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No, that feature is not available. Could it be provided? Probably. But where would you stop? You want the date range, another user might want the accounts that are included or excluded, a third could desire custom field content, a fourth customer names. There are dozens and dozens of possible parameters to describe. And what would you do when multiple criteria are included?

That is why the Description field will accept as much text as you want to put in.

You are right @Tut, there could be many requests for various items to be included in Custom Reports headings/sub-headings, but as far as I am aware this is the first request for such an item.

This type of functionality is commonly accepted as a necessity when generating reports in most accounting software programs and I am putting forward a request to put this in the ideas category as I do not have the privileges to do it myself. I absolutely understand that as an item in the ideas category it is totally at the discretion of the developer of the program as to any decision to include this in future development.

I support the idea that the date should be displayed as requested. There are many things people can request as you have said above but report date is basic and most important.

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I support that the main heading should not be ‚Äúcustom reports‚ÄĚ but the report title. Nobody the report is targeted to cares that was done with a ‚Äúcustom report‚ÄĚ

You can do this now. Check the ‚ÄėRename Report‚Äô box at the bottom of the custom report definition and give it a meaningful name. :slight_smile:

I agree, date range is not a design element but a basic criteria so will add this to the ideas category

As an example, if the custom report data was in support of a BS or P/L report then both reports should be identifiable as being of the same date parameters.

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The new implementation of custom reports in the latest version (20.6.19) have date fields shown separately.


and the sub-heading is automatically shown now: