Custom report "Group By" Month

Is this possible at present? Just to expand a little, I pull perfectly from custom reports what is needed for a date range of one month. Now I set a date range for the same custom report but in this case a range of 3 months (the period I am interested in).
In the new 3 month date range custom report is it possible to “group by” month?
Currently what I need to do is generate a separate report for each month.
Any thoughts welcome.

I already proposed it.

I think that clear date should have a sub drop down menu with:
a. Year
b. Semester
c. Quarter
d. Month

If nothing is selected it should work as it does.

PS: expert in a few minutes very complicated proposals with formulas for dates grouping. I understand that everything can be perfectible but my proposal can be implemented in few minutes while those formulas requires complicated programming.

OK cool, hope it gets pulled off… So currently not able to achieve … Cheers

The traditional problem is variations it what is considered a standard period between jurisdictions and individuals.

  • When does your week start,
  • what are the date ranges for your quarters and which is the first
  • semesters and years have the same issues
  • etc

Custom reports supporting comparisons date ranges is a method of handling the variety of “standard” date ranges