Edit report subheadings

Love your format, thank you very much. Only one problem: I can’t alter the sub-title of reports to reflect the current one e.g. my first P & L statement was headed “Profit and Loss Statement”, sub-heading “For the period from 1/01/2016 to 29/02/2016”. I now have March and April figures in the later versions (new reports), but they all come out with the same sub-heading. I have edited it in the report, then updated, but it doesn’t seem to save. Please advise.


Go to the Summary tab and select Set Period - then change your until date

Thanks Brucanna, but the problem is that I’m doing a progressive report. By that, I mean that the first column shows January’s figures, then I add comparative columns for the months completed to date, i.e. February, March and April. Although I changed the set period in Summary to 1/1/16 - 30/4/15, the actual P & L still persists in showing the period of the first column (in this case 1/1/16 - 29/2/16 because I’ve conflated Jan and Feb for other reasons). Any updated advice would be welcome, as it looks rather unprofessional to have the wrong date at the top of an otherwise excellent document. Thanks again.

OK, that’s because the report’s sub-heading only shows the dates relating to the First Column. if you reverse your columns from Apr to Jan/Feb then you will get Apr heading dates displayed. You can change the column order under Edit by clicking on the up/down arrow next to the month and dragging and dropping.

I also suggest you change your set period 'Until " date to “Today” then it will automatically adjust daily

The set period for the Summary has nothing to do with date ranges for any main or comparative column in a Profit and Loss Statement generated under Reports. It only affects what you see on the right side of the Summary page.

The design philosophy behind the P&L report really didn’t envision the type of sequential report you describe, @FranVic47. Instead, it uses a format seen more typically in accounting. The heading and the first bold column are generally the most recent report. Comparative columns usually show the same length time interval for previous accounting periods. For example, the main column might show Jan-Dec 2015, with the report headed accordingly. Comparative columns might show accounting years ending in 2014, 2013, etc.

Yes, you can drag the date ranges around to show columns in different orders, but that underlying design scheme will persist and influence the report layout. So it would look strange to have January in bold and more recent months in regular font to the right.

Just remember, every bit of flexibility adds more code and bloats the program, so the reports tend to follow traditional presentations.

Thanks very much for your clear response, Tut. I understand your point about increasingly complexity of code although I’m a bit disappointed. I’m Treasurer for a non-profit organisation which takes in much of its money in the early months, utilising it gradually over the year. All the Committee members have commented on how easily understood the reports were, giving them a clear idea of how the Club is tracking financially. Thanks anyway - any other ideas would be very welcome, as accounting etc is completely new to me.

Sorry, but another question: can I delete the subheading in reports and have none? I’ve tried not entering anything when setting up a new report but it still puts in an erroneous one.

Thanks Brucanna. I hadn’t seen your second post and it has solved the problem adequately for me.