Custom report - NOT CONTAINS condition

Hi, I was wondering whether it’s possible to have a NOT CONTAINS condition in the filters. It seems like something that should be possible, but maybe I’m not using it right.
For example, I want to generate a report where Account | Name IS NOT “Cash at bank”.
Is there a way to do that?

Thank you

The underlying premise of custom reports is finding entries, not excluding them. I think this would be a major change.

the first post in the new custom report feature states there it was meant to replace having to write SQL.
Not Exist, or Not In is part of SQL. wouldn’t it just be as complex as having Contains? I don’t know how the tool is built, so you are probably right.
If that’s the design, that’s ok . I can work with that, just thought I missed something.

thanks for the reply.

As I read a few weeks ago, @lubos, is working on a new version of custom reports that will solve a lot of issue. Maybe also this one.

Check the latest version (19.2.0) where this operator has been added.


thank you