Custom Report | Receipts and payment | Description Line Item

I want to include “Description (line item)” from “Receipts and Payments” in my custom report. I get two options for DESCRITION there but both options pull data from DESCRIPTION in top left corner of the RECEIPTS AND PAYMENT form.

Can anyone help solve the problem?

Thanks for the help. It worked. I was doing EXACTLY what you asked NOT to do :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be great if you could explain why it works the way you explained, it will help me better understand how custom reports work.

Thanks and regards.

Think of the secondary fields as representing subsets of the primary field. In the first screen shot, Description simply applies to the general ledger entry itself, that is, to the line item. Custom reports are made up of data from general ledger entries.

In the second screen shot, you are selecting the Description of the Payment or Receipt transaction form, that is, of the entire transaction of which the line item was a part.

Sometimes, the terminology is not completely clear, so you have to experiment to see which you want.