Custom Report - debit vs credit on services


I am trying to create a report to list the expense vs income on services provided through a sub contractor. Apologies if I am not explaining it correctly…
If I specify multiple codes I get a 0 result


If I list one code, I get the total of the selected code.


Isn’t it possible to choose multiple fields that contain specific codes, or there is another way of doing this?

Thank you

The Where filters are AND filters. No transaction will be posted to two accounts, so you get nothing.

@lonzu_65 what this means is that you can only use “contains” in one filter line. You can use “does not contain” in multiple lines, so theoretically you could insert multiple “does not contain” filter lines for all the accounts you don’t want included in the report, however this would be lengthy and time consuming.

What you can do is go to the COA settings and change the name of each account you want to include in the report, so they have a common character that is unique to only the required accounts - that is tag the account names with an asterisk (*) for example.

Then your report definition would be | General Ledger Account | Name | contains | * |

The other option is to use an Account Code numbering system that would produce a similar result, but this may be more difficult.

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Thank you AJD for explaining. As you mentioned, using the “does not contain” filter is quite painful.
Appreciate your response.