Custom Report - Multiple level group by

Dear @lubos

can you add multiple level group by in custom reports or, at least, a second level of grouping?


What is the use case? Can you give some example of report which you need this for?

I use inventory kits to create different finished products. I had to inventory kits many custom fields to classify them. When I create custom report it would be useful to have them grouped for example first by typology and secondly by subtypology.

I tried to build a custom report showing totals for sales reps. We print a report showing them what was sold for the month, for payout purposes, it would be nice to have customer > sales in income account A then another section for income account B.

So if Johns Tractor store bought equipment and 3 hours of labor, those would be split so that we can pay the agent accordingly.

Currently I am achieving this with different reports.

Lubos pur it into ideas. Let’s see if he will implement it soon.

Just wondering , any update on this yet? - Thks

It’s in the air a major update in custom reports but still no news from @lubos

Another use case:
Report grouped by Capital account (ie member) then Capital Sub account.
(Then showing the transactions sorted by date)

As the time goes on I think more and more that @lubos should enable an “expert” mode in which the user can edit the existing query directly in SQL with the possibility to join different tables, group the results and so on. Just like in Access when you switch from the visual tool to the scripting one.

In this way the development of Custom Query with the visual tool can go on with @lubos 's timing and meanwhile the expert users can have better reporting.

I think Lubos has probably already given us a expert mode via the report transform facility.

Me too… but it’s a little bit to expert mode! It’s not just doing an SQL query but programming, ie declaring variables and writing scripts.

And also… right now is focused only on taxation as far as I understand.

I would like to make a query linking the table of the inventory items, in which I have some custom fields, with the table of the inventory kits so that I can propagate these custom fields to all the inventory kits items. It would save me a lot of time in my semestral reporting to the authority.

Dear @lubos can you help me exposing these extra fields in the inventory kit table?

Lubos has incorporated quite a reasonable editor in the current version of Manager (Settings → Report Transfomations) which makes this achievable.

The existing examples have a taxation focus, but so does most of accounting. I can’t see anything which restricts it to a particular task.

I assume you would access them by their UUID

That sounds like writing back to the database which is not part of report writing. But you could use it to generate a csv file (there are several examples of that written) then use batch update to import the results back into your Manager business.

I don’t need to propagate back. I need the inventory item table and inventory kit table to be JOIN together (join as it is ment in SQL and, of course, joined by UUID since each inventory kit is linked to one inventory item).

I consider myself a power user, I know SQL quite well, I’m collaborating with Lubos to write down the reports for Italian taxations, but what I saw in Report Transformation examples is too much complicated for myself to just extract a list of data from a database.

It’s not a problem. Maybe in the future I’ll have time to learn Report Transportation or money to pay someone to write some Report Transportations that I need.

In the meantime I’ll go on exporting data from Manager and doing the reporting in Excel.

Dear @lubos. Any update about this feature? My intensive use of custom reports is making it very urgent. Thanks a lot.

Dear @lubos. Any update about this feature?

This has been implemented now as part of the new custom report implementation.

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