Custom Report for Purchase Invoice

When I generate Custom Report for Purchase Invoice
Item Code and Item Description are missing
could anyone help me how to do?


It looks like none of the transactions meeting the requirements of your filters have item codes or item descriptions. I duplicated your report definition on a test business where the inventory items have this information, and it all appears.

if you need i can upload data

Post a screen shot of the Edit screen for purchase invoice #173. Also post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the inventory items on it. Finally, what is your third screen shot?

Purchase Invoice 173

Inventory Item

this is purchase invoice printed form

Your first two screen shots confirm my belief. You have no item codes or descriptions. So why do you expect this nonexistent information to appear on your custom report?

And what does the printed invoice have to do with Manager? Nothing, I suspect.

thank you
got it
i must choose item name