Regarding custom report

Above highlighted those two dropdown how to get. unable to find please check below.

I want to generate custom report like below
can any one help me pls

Customer invoice number inventory items Quantity Amount
saju 601 coconut oil 5 300
ram 602 oil 2 400
![image 400x61](upload://7zBO5OkPHq3Lc3EHF3QkJL7tywb.png)

Exact above one pls support

your question is not clear.
you say you want to generate a report as per the first image and the highlighted fields are not displayed in your custom report. but the second image shows that you have generated a report which displays results of those highlighted fields. so what is the question here?

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Please check now

you did not mention where you got the first image from or your Manager version details. all answers on the forum will be based on the latest version of Manager. so if you are using an outdated version, features discussed on the forum might not be available in your installed program.

after updating to the latest version, check the below post and modify it to your needs. credits to @dcVest