Custom report fetching "Multiple Value Custom Fields" for purchase invoice

i am fetching custom filed for “Multiple Value Custom Fields” for purchase invoice. its give no found please solve thisi issue

Do you have any custom fields defined for purchase invoices? If so, please show a screen shot of the Edit screen for the custom field. Also show a screen shot of an Edit screen for a purchase invoice where you have used it.

You need to show the entire screens. You left out important information.

@hussainiii, this is not helpful. The screen shot of a purchase invoice form is a blank form, not a purchase invoice with a custom field filled in. It is useless for undertanding what you claim is a problem.

you can do it form your site…create multiple value custome filed and add on purchase invoice …and use on custom report with custom field

please reply @lubos

There will be new implementation of custom reports that will work differently and will solve this issue.

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@Lubos you keep promising changes to this but many months later nothing implemented. Either you start showing some progress or in my view as many of your posts you need to stop promising some kind of future solution. As of now please provide alternatives to stuff you preferred to put as obsolete but not developed anything better or something to replace it. You must feel some responsibility to us as users. You take away lots of features and then show Austrich behaviour and not give us any alternative. In my view it is a mess and I think that you must quickly start dealing with this. Thank you.

The features that are under Obsolete category still work. I’ve put them there because I want to discourage new users to use them.

Now, as for new custom reports, yes I’m aware it’s taking longer than anticipated. But you will see something soon.

In every tab, you will be able to choose which columns should be visible. This will clear quite a few feature requests in ideas category. Building on top of that, every tab will have equivalent custom report where you will be able to further filter and group data to get the exact report you require in quite intuitive manner.

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@eko there is two separate issues at play here.

  1. does a Manager user like the proposed changes given what they know about it

  2. do Manager user appreciate warning the implementation of a feature is likely to substantially changed soon.

Clearly there’s a trade off providing this information to the public. Most people don’t like change particularly when insufficient information is available to assess a future approach. Providing this information also exacerbates schedule concerns.

Not providing this information means some users will invest significant resources in customisation which rapidly becomes obsolete.

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Yes and you did not yet give any good alternative. So stop puttings things as obsolete until you provide us with same or better alternatives. You have failed so far. Custom themes and PDF generator are put there without viable alternatives. I wish you wake up to the fact that the relentless tinkering with your application is taking away too many features that originally helped it to be perceived as flexible and strong. If you look at the forum posts in the last two year and more recently the removal of features without any good alternative prevails. In my view it is time to wake-up and start listening to the customers and stop eroding features without giving better alternatives. The most glaring mistake is with so called user portals.