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Hi ,

I’ve been creating custome fields to use in the forms (Invoices,Paymets…ETC) but it does not seem useful as i can not use these fields in my reports

I work in an exporting co and the unique ID that connects all the transactions per shipment is the BoL I want to use it to track shipment expenses and revenues


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There’s only one built-in reports using custom fields which is Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field.

You can, however, use Custom Reports to create other reports using custom fields.

For more details on that, please refer to the following guide:

Thanks for your help
I’ve actually read the above article but it’s not very informative I think a couple of short vids with examples would dive better fruit since there’s alot of variables and it does not show how it works or affect the final product
I tried the function but the custom fields in the form does not show let me give you a screenshot

Custom fields names aint shown in the report drop down list

blank report

Custom fields in the form I’m trying to inquire from

You have not selected a custom field here:

The name of your custom field should go into the blank field in the screenshot you shared above and the value should be “CFA”

There are 2 versions of Custom Fields:

  • Custom Field: These are created using only the “Classic Custom Field” option in settings. These are selectable in the Custom Report module.

  • CustomFields2: These are created using any of the other options (not Classic Custom Field option). As far as I know these do not yet function correctly in the Custom Reports module as they are still a work in progress.


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@Ealfardan could you explain the instructions for selecting a Custom field in Custom reports that you have given in your last post as I am having trouble following them and I don’t think that they are accurate

This field highlighted in red was left blank. This field is supposed to be used to select the custom field by name.

This all means that the report is looking for a value of “CFA” in nowhere and that’s why the report is blank.

It could be that there are no Custom Fields as you suggested @AJD but that’s not obvious, and even so, the user should:

  1. First solve all obvious mistakes starting with this blank field
  2. If the user couldn’t find his field available, then this could be the sign that his field is probably in Custom Fields2.
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I tried with a test business and this simply does not work, also not with Custom Fields2. You can not select a custom field, even though it was created.

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Thanks, that has clarified it.

The critical issue is that users may have created new Custom Fields and entered data using these, only to find that it is not yet usable in Custom Reports as it will not be available using the Custom Field parameter, and that the CustomField2 parameter is not yet functional.

This may require a large amount of work to convert back to a Classic Custom Field to be able to use in Custom Reports.

I think that users should be made aware that they need to use the Classic Custom Field option if they want to use custom field data in Custom Reports until such time as the Custom Report functionality is upgraded to allow the use of CustomFields2.

It’s now clear what the problem is. This is either related to the coming new Custom Reports implementation or a bug with Custom Fields 2.

It could be a bug or not but either way I’m still going to place this in bugs in order for the issue to be solved.

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Please do

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Thanks for your answers dear brother in arms :smile:

I will wait till it’s solved / follow up on it within a week

Thanks a lot

Please do not “follow up,” @Mahmoud_Mohsen1. This is in the bugs category and will receive attention from the developer. Further inquiries will just clog the forum and divert attention from actual work.

OK thanx

Try to use projects instead. Each bol will be treated as a project. Or add bol to invoice number maybe AS an extension.


Thanks alot I will apply the “Project per BoL” Idea That’s very effecient

I’m removing this topic from bugs on the basis that it won’t be fixed. I’m moving away from the current implementation of custom reports so this feature will be soon replaced with something better.

For example, you can now use Advanced Search function across all tabs. Advanced search does support all custom field types.


This replicates Where... section of custom reports but I think in more intuitive way. Equivalent to Select... section is Edit Columns button. And equivalent to Order by... section is ability to click on any column and sort by it.

What’s missing is ability to Group by... and ability to print the resulting data as a report.


This is great for tab searchability, but what would we still have the following features from custom reports:

  1. Save multiple report definitions or in this case search filters?
  2. Do simple joins and display/filter by fields from other tabs?

Also, it would be nice to have the advance search take less screen real estate, maybe using an overlay menu?

Btw, it would also be nice to have a simple language model so even more advanced searches can be done e.g. and/or/not conditions.

Would any of this be feasible at this point in time?