Custom Report - Data Pivoting

Dear @lubos, the actual implementation of Custom Fields decide by itself if a field should be displayed as a line or as a column.

How about adding a flag on the left side of each item of the “select” fields and of the “group by”, to force Manager to display them to a column?

This would give us the possibility to create more flexible tool very similar to Excel Pivot Tables.


I would say this is currently out of scope. Even current implementation is still too difficult to use for most users. Adding pivoting aspect would overcomplicate custom reports even further. I appreciate that you have good understanding how custom reports work but currently I’m reluctant. Also, I’m pretty sure when you export custom report to Excel, you should be able to further manipulate data there.

Yes I can. I perfectly understand your point of view.

If only you can give us access to them with API by adding .json it would make update of pivot tables immediate in Excel.

Json or, even easier, an html table but it should be accessible through Basic Authentication.