Request for help with a custom report


We have to analyse Sales man name and Which item they sold
When I made Custom report, Item code or item name can not get.
Please give me idea

@Thida, please do not divert topics with unrelated issues. Your request for help with a custom report is not related to the difference between items and descriptions. It has been moved to its own topic with a more informative subject. If you want help with a custom report, you will need to show the report definition. No one can help you determine why you are not seeing what you want if they do not know what you asked for.

If I understand your issue correctly and the items sold were “Receipts & Payments”, then the items will not be shown.
Only invoiced items will show in such reports.
I tried to have this looked at once before but someone kept diverting the the topic to irrelevant issues.


Why custom reports have limited for inventory item.?
We have to check Sales man and Which item they sold
We have to check Customer name and Which item they bought .

Custom report has not include item code ,item name

I feel that this report is very important for some business

I suspect you are wanting / waiting for this

@Thida, please do not split discussion of a subject between multiple threads. Your second post on this subject was combined with the first.

I dont know why you say like that.But it is important for me,because I am Accounting services provider, I have struggle from my clients for custom reports everyday
Some business owner, want to know about sales detail what I request ,not only item total sales,
Customer total sales
So I request it from Developer .According to lubos reply, I will wait for new custom report features


I say it like that because that is one of the rules of the forum. See The reason for the rule is that, if you split discussion between multiple threads, forum members who can help you will be unable to follow your discussion. Your comments will be divided between topics and will not be as easy to understand.

You will also gain a reputation on the forum for repeating yourself, and people will begin ignoring your posts.