Custom Report Examples

My Dears’, plz provide Custom Report Examples so that it can benefit me & Others !

1)Report For Daily Transaction in Details( Incl. All Ledgers, Not in Group)
2) Production Cost Report
3) A way to print all daily Transaction within minimum page report print.
4) Daily Sales & Purchase Invoice Print

You better ask what you need

I’d love some examples as i cannot get anything out of any of my reports - I simply cannot understand SQL it is beyond me and is starting to become a turn-off of Manager which I have been using for a few years. I will go elsewhere if I cannot get simple reports from the system.
How about a report that shows All Sales Invoice amounts for Customer A for a particular Non-inventory line item. Can we start with that?

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Here it is. I find very strange that you want to move away from Manager since you cannot create a custom reports. All the original standard reports are still there!

Thank you for quick reply and for guiding me - I have managed to follow your example but this is so complicated for me. I am a business person not an IT guru - how would any business person be able to understand this SQL? Manager seems to be leaning towards IT and not letting simply folk like me get on with the business for which they are qualified.
You say it is strange that I would go elsewhere? I spent days and days (which I cannot afford) trying to get a custom report in the previous versions. After much help from this forum I was able to “select from General Ledger Transactions” for most of the simple reports that I required. I simply cannot find this table anywhere. It has disappeared. Hence my frustration at having to learn something for which my age and brain are not up to.

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Because in any program you will choose a custom report will imply some SQL. You can complain that Manager has few standard reports and I may agree.

We are in this forum to help each other. You will see in the future more and more Custom Reports examples. But I suggest to open a thread for each CR you may need. BTW custom reports can be batch created so we may also share configuration files.

The reports may be there but they are not the same as a couple of months ago as I have stated in other posts. As others are, I am looking around at other options as this has gone away from the user friendly program it was as far as reports go.


I would rather wait a few months instead starting from scratch. In the meantime I can help you with custom reports.

Thanks for the offer @Davide, but I was quite happy when I could just export the General Ledger report into excel and from there I could make any custom report I needed.

Up to you. The offer is always open! If you need help I’m here



can the table name and field name are given with the connecting keys, then it will be easy for any person to create custom reports.

You don’t have to do SQL table join. All the tables are connected to General Ledger Transactions. No keys are exposed.

Helo, if i want to select code as the dispaly option for the general legder account, it does not show on the drop down list. Please asssit. I want my custom report to show the ledger account number. I am using manager cloud version and the missing legder account code is killing my macros reports.

But then you will be very quickly told by some (tut), that this is not a coding forum.
This just illustrates the short slightness of those that don’t understand that if Manager provides a feature, then the forum should cover all aspects of it.


No, he will not. There is a difference between building custom reports, which use features of the program and do not involve writing a single line of code, and, for example, asking for instructions on Liquid syntax when trying to write code for a custom theme or for debugging assistance when writing HTML code in custom fields.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
What a double standard. Please explain to me what is the difference between CUSTOM reports and CUSTOM theme. Both are features of program. Custom reports are using wizard base SQL, and if you dont understand basic relations and how statements works in SQL, you are nowhere close to create good custom report. Forum is full of questions for custom report, from very simple ones to … There is no Help, reference or guide for tables and corresponding fields etc… Pure trial and error. Same thing for Themes. But nooooo. That is programming just because someone is not interested in that field of program options, and first reply is always what @Brucanna said.

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Since the relationships are already set you don’t have to understand them. Also, saying that you have to know SQL to make a custom report is a little exagerated. What you have to set are a Just a few parameters… what fields you want to see, some filters and if you want to group them.

All that said I agree that all this phobia towards Custom Themes is incomprehensible.

I can relate to your problem of not being an IT guy, but that is exactly why you should hire an IT guy to do things for you, there is no avoiding this. The more expensive your accounting package is, the more IT experience it takes for it’s administration.

Forum functionality has been increased recently to support sharing of all Manager customisations. Users can now post example Manager businesses containing examples of customisation such as

  • Chart of account structure
  • Transaction format to achieve a specific outcome
  • Custom fields for a specific application
  • Custom report or reports for an application
  • Custom themes
  • Custom report transformations
  • A selection of all of the above with example data to illustrate Managers use for a particular industry or country.

Being able to backup without history and perhaps other content would further help (a capability which is apparently planned)

Finding informative posts can be a challenge as users post content for a range of reasons. Other forums use sub forums to address similar requirements.

I do not agree with posting personal attacks, particularly in a thread where the individual has not posted anything related to the attack.

There are two way to participate in a forum, post an approach you believe is better or criticism of others. I would prefer if the former was used and the latter avoided