Custom Reports - Amounts Field

In Custom Reports I’ve noticed that in some reports there is no option to select the Amount field. For example, custom report From… ‘Purchase Invoices’ allows the selection of 3 items ’ Description’, ‘IssueDate’, and ‘Reference’.
I cannot see why anyone would want a report of Purchase Invoices if it’s not possible to select and show the invoice amount?
This seems to be the case with all custom reports I’ve looked at except for ‘General Ledger’ where ‘Amount’ is a selectable option.

What you point out occurs because, when you query the purchase invoices table, you get information about the purchase invoices themselves: supplier, date, and so forth. But amounts are not part of that table. Amounts are recorded as line by line transactions posted to the general ledger. So any time you want amounts, credits, or debits, you must query the general ledger transactions table.

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Tut, On Custom Reports of General Ledger Transactions, Supplier name does not appear where the Transaction is an invoice or an expense. It only appears for payments.

As has been written many times in the forum and newsletter, custom reports are still being worked on.

Noted. I did search the forum but didn’t find anything and I don’t read everything that gets posted.

I’m guessing it will be a simple fix.