Custom Report

Hi, I am looking forward more robust custom report.
Apparently I want combination of keywords to select range. Unlike Date, I can select between from and to. But for keywords in my accounts or account code, I cannot select.

So is there a way to create a customer report? Also about calculation by percentage. Assuming I want to earmark my investment where I earn interest, at such need to calculate the % earned throughout the year. e.g. Interest from Savings 150.00 and my Cost of investment is 1,000.00. Therefore is the report able to perform 150.00/1,000.00 to get the percentage?

Yes you can. Use a filter. For example:


What kind of customer report?

Manager is an accounting program. It records transactions. It does not analyze them.

Hi Tut,

Combination, say interest, and dividend. How do you filter that?

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I think I have a similar requirement and might of mentioned this at a another time for example if you are required to get information for a particular account or account code range say for example an account range from 2051 to 2095 you are screwed. You can only pull information for one account at a time or rather in each report. Custom reports still has some serious limitations in terms of filtering and getting the data you need.


Would love to see a range option or some mechanism to be selective on range or certain criteria.

Have you read the Guide: As shown in an example there, you can use more than one filter at a time. They function as Boolean AND operations, not OR.

Hi Tut,

Mind my Typo, I meant custom report. Like Compuit, he also understands that the “Contains” Field need combination or range. E.g. I am trying to get filter with combination both accounts from investment and interests by account number. Is it possible? Or do we have to be very technical to write a program/code for it?

No. As I wrote, and as the Guide says, filters function as Boolean And operators, not OR operators. You begin with the entire table of general ledger transactions. Then, each filter successively reduces the number of records fitting the criteria. The program does not examine all records to see which fit within a range. It applies the filter one record at a time. Then it applies the next filter. So if you want multiple options, you need multiple custom reports.