Custom Query - Payment Vs Supplier

Dear All,

how can I find via Custom Query all the payments linked to a Supplier, ie to its subaccount of Accounts Payable?


You do not need a custom report. Just go to the Receipts & Payments tab and search for the supplier’s name. Or drill down on Accounts payable in the Summary or Suppliers tab. Use Search and Sort functions to isolate the payments. Then export.

Sorry @tut, but I need, by the Italian law, one unique report for a certain group of supplier that marked with a custom tag. I know that I can do one by one as you told, and that’s what I’m doing right now, but reaching the result with a custom report will save me a lot of time, based also on the fact that I have to do this monthly.

Then I would build a custom report showing all debits to the appropriate account and group by supplier.

That’s what I did… I’m missing the last step… how do I group the movements for each supplier. It seems that we are missing a field, ie control account subgroup, which would enable us to see how a control account is subdivided. @lubos?

Why do you need to see how a control account is subdivided? If you want to group by supplier, you can:


The payments are not linked to the supplier, only the invoices. Invoices, payments and supplier are linked to control account’s subaccount which in this case maps the supplier.

Showing control accounts’ subaccounts under custom report will help us creating many interesting and useful reports.

OK, I give up.

Thanks anyway for your support @tut. There is no solution unless @lubos expand exposed fields under general ledger in custom reports. I think I better start studying how to use the Report Transportation module when back from my holiday!